Dear Future Architects, Be Authentic

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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
Oscar Wilde


Above All, Be Authentic.

When I consider the ways in which you'll change the world after I'm gone, I can't help but wonder, "Who will you be?" And when it's you who will shape the built environment for those around you, will you develop an architecture that speaks of who you are?

Today, the way we act, think, and live is constantly brought into question by those around us. Everyone has an opinion about everything. The trouble is knowing the difference between what is said, just to be said, and what is true. While others are trying desperately to fit in, take the opportunity to stand out as the unique creator you are like no one else can.

As an Architect, your inherent ability to see the world differently gives you great power... and with it comes great responsibility. (Sorry, I couldn't help it. Spider-Man is Awesome) Buildings, districts, cities, and nations will be realized by your imagination and will.

As a person, your identity will infuse the way you'll approach situations and how you'll perceive them. Allowing yourself to be who you are will lead your decisions from your purpose rather than the purpose of others. Without your identity, you would be the same as everyone else. The buildings you realize, the same as those before them.


Truly Know Yourself

Take the time to understand who you are as an inhabitant of the world. Know what it is you strive for personally and what it is you want from your life. Being able to define who you are will grant you the ability to design according to your ideals and not those of someone else.

Dare to be Vulnerable

I'm sorry, you're not Superman. You're just not. But that's okay. Be willing to set yourself free from fear of rejection. Allow yourself to fail. Failure is not only acceptable, but necessary if you want to do things that matter.

Create Change

The world isn't perfect by any means. Don't be lulled into a sense of dry repetition just because it's 'what we've always done.' You don't have to live by the rules that we live by now. Be the change you seek for the tomorrow you want today.

Don't Just Talk, Listen

On your journey, you'll find travelers who wish to understand themselves as well. Listen to what they have to say. It's not a one-sided conversation. The dialogue you create with those around you is just as important as the evolution you find within yourself. Let it help you.

Authenticity is one of the most difficult states of being to achieve. When you look back and see what we've done here, know that many have failed before you and many will fail after. But also know that we tried.

And since the time we all have here is limited, why would you want to spend it being anyone else other than who you are? Why would you want the world you help build to be any less unique?

Michael LaValley, Architect


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