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Exciting Times Ahead

It’s 2017. I hope you’re ready to hit the ground running!

I’ve been busy over the recent Holiday Break putting together a series of goals for the new year. I’m really excited to get started!

After I thought about it though, I noticed something. I’ve been working on a lot of little projects over the past year to move Evolving Architect forward and I haven’t shared as much as could about what’s going on. I think it’s always been something I’ve struggled with.

I remember specifically having one of my professors tell me at a crit, “Mike, there are miles and miles of trace and models upon models just sitting at your desk. So where are they?”

I had, what I considered, a very nice presentation that had been meticulously laid out in painstaking detail. But then again, that was his point.

I had process, a lot of it. I just wasn’t sharing it. So, here goes nothing.


Online Courses
As I mentioned in the last edition, I’ve been putting together my first online course, “SketchUp Architecture.” It’s a chance for me to help people in a more thorough way as well as an opportunity to try my hand at teaching others in a structured environment. Check out next week’s Evolution Weekly for more.

Website Updates
The Evolving Architect website has been a bit of a passion project for me that I’ve been tinkering with here and there since it started. I’ve been hard at work creating even more useful pages, resources, and types of content that will continue to help you in the coming year.

Over the last 5 months, I’ve been testing more video content. The Workshop Wednesdays on the YouTube Channel have been quite a success. As a way to keep you updated with what’s going on moving forward, I’m currently developing a regular vlog that should be a great look behind the scenes and another resource to experience EA content.

The Evolving Architect Podcast
I love podcasts. I listen to podcasts on my commute, at work, and whenever I have some down time. They help me learn and provide me with a unique form of entertainment. As such, I’m starting my own podcast in 2017. 

Yep, that’s right. The Evolving Architect Podcast is coming later this spring. I’ve already recorded several conversations and have many more scheduled. It has been such a blast so far!

Blogging Changes
With some of these new additions, I’ll be making a few changes to the blogging I’m doing. I don’t know exactly what it will look like just yet, but I’m looking to do more long-form work with smaller posts sprinkled here and there amongst the new media.


The one thing I’m excited about most of all…

Being able to help you in ways I had only dreamed of when I started this journey. It’s been my pleasure to serve you.

Thanks for being awesome!



What are you excited about tackling in 2017? Just hit ‘Reply’ and let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY