Evolution Weekly 67 // Valentine's Day Architect

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'How did you love?'

This week, millions of people around the world will experience love in a variety of ways. Some with gifts of chocolate, pink and red hearts, some with an evening out, and some with a simple, "I love you." Valentine's Day is Tuesday, and given the state of the world lately, it's about time to spread the love.

I've been listening a lot to music lately. In particular, one song has been on my mind. It's called 'How Did You Love?' by Shinedown. The song is actually from their 2015 album 'Threat to Survival,' but they recently remastered the track as an acoustic re-release. Perhaps in part to the tension our nation has felt over the past several months, or perhaps because of the timeless and haunting message it holds, the song has spoken very deeply to me.

It talks about the fact that one day, all of us will be gone. Knowing that, a single question is asked, "How did you love?" What lasting mark did you leave on the world? How did you leave it better than when you found it?

Especially as an architect and a human being, I am often captivated to use my skills to help others. I hope that what I do here has helped you in some, small way.

So, in the spirt of the season, I hope that you're able to share this February the 14th with someone you love and find it in yourself to love through the positivity you can share with the world.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it, please pass it on to someone you know. It would mean a lot to me.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY