Evolution Weekly 68 // What is Your Architectural 'Style'?

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ArchiTalks is Back!

This week, the ArchiTalks community was back in full force! If you're unfamiliar with ArchiTalks, it's basically a regular series in which several architectural bloggers (including yours truly) write about a specific topic. In turn, we share our ideas and create a fantastic discussion.

This month's topic, 'Style,' yielded some very interesting ideas indeed! Be sure to check out my post below. At the bottom of my post, you'll find links to all of the other articles as well. Thanks for being awesome!


ArchiTalks / Defining an Architect's Style

What defines ‘style’ though? We’re not born with a ‘style,’ per say. Instead, we’re shaped by the world around us and the decisions we make


SketchUp Architecture

This course is for those who are serious about building a 3D Modeling skill set to level up their architecture career. It’s everything I wish I knew when I started using SketchUp as a creative designer and an architect. Through these video lessons, I share each step of the successful workflow I've used on my own projects.

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Workshop Wednesday / Intro to Goal Setting


Apologies, but the Workshop Wednesday has been moved out a week due to a last minute scheduling conflict.

In ‘Intro to Goal Setting,’ we’ll look at best practices for creating goals that you can stick to. We don’t want to just set goals, we want to shatter them.

Topics to be reviewed:

  • Understanding your goals at various scales
  • Establishing benchmarks and rewards
  • Maintaining balance
  • Setting goals that stick

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