Evolving Architect Presents SketchUp Architecture




This is a self-pased, online course for those who are serious about building a 3D Modeling skill set to level up their architecture career. It’s everything I wish I knew when I started using SketchUp as a creative designer and an architect. Through these video lessons, I share each step of the successful workflow I've used on my own projects.

The course covers every step along the process of planning, modeling, editing, and completing a basic house model in SketchUp.



I’ve been using the software for over 12 years now and I’ve been guiding my peers through SketchUp for almost as long. It’s by no means a complicated program, but it's one that demands a knowledgable understanding of its inner workings to maximize the benefits it can yield for your project.

Not to mention how in demand it is! According to a recent survey, SketchUp is the Third-highest requirement of new hires at some of the most elite firms worldwide. (Source: Black Spectacles)

Most other programs have much steeper learning curves. While that can yield a wider range of results in some ways, it also requires a much higher investment in time to understand them.

Put simply, SketchUp is like the Architecture software gateway drug. A fundamental understanding of SketchUp can help you cut that time down by getting to know easier concepts in a practical software first.

What if you could learn SketchUp so well that the other programs just started making sense to you? What if you could integrate SketchUp into workflows with programs you already know? What if knowing SketchUp like the back of your hand could give you more opportunities at your job?

SketchUp is probably one of the most versatile programs to learn 3D modeling with and it’s among the easiest to break into. The problem is that it could take you years to master the basics.



The SketchUp Architecture Course is now available for immediate purchase. Once signed up as a student, you'll have lifetime access.

Yep, as in forever.

The primary course has been established as of today, but we'll also be adding more content in the next few weeks to patch in community-requested updates.

Ready to get started? Let's go!

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY