Intro to the A.R.E. / Building Systems

Evolving Architect // "Intro to the A.R.E. / Building Systems"

This Exam is all about your understanding of how mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and specialty systems are integrated into a building design. Basically, this is the ‘grab bag’ Exam Section.

Similar to the Structural Systems Exam, you’re less likely to know as much about the nuances of the content because you probably don’t spend as much direct time with MEP. However, because the Exam is distributed fairly evenly across five major topics, you need to know each topic well, but not be an expert in one or another.

It will likely seem very daunting at first to begin studying for this exam in particular. Take a look at all of the topics. Figure out which ones you know the least about and start there.


P.S. // I hope that this guide was helpful in your studies! This is the first iteration of the A.R.E. Intro Guide Series. Your feedback is critical to the future content of these guides. If you would, please comment below what you think is working, what should be adjusted, and what you'd like to see more of.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY