Intro to the A.R.E. / Construction Documents & Services

Evolving Architect // "Intro to the A.R.E. / Construction Documents & Services"

This Exam Section is primarily testing your knowledge of the Practice of Architecture.

Architecture isn't just fun sketches, cool ideas, and poof there's a building!

You need to understand the roles all stakeholders (Owner, Contractor, Architect in particular) play in the creation of a building. Each stakeholder has certain rights and responsibilities granted to them based upon years of industry refinement, contract negotiation and experience.

You need to understand a given situation and be able to tell who is responsible and what the proper procedure will be in order to resolve that given problem based upon standard contracts and practices.


P.S. // I hope that this guide was helpful in your studies! This is the first iteration of the A.R.E. Intro Guide Series. Your feedback is critical to the future content of these guides. If you would, please comment below what you think is working, what should be adjusted, and what you'd like to see more of.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY