Intro to the A.R.E. / Programming Planning & Practice

Evolving Architect // "Intro to the A.R.E. / Programming Planning & Practice"

This Exam Section is primarily testing your knowledge of the Practice of Architecture as it relates to zoning, programming, and project management.

This is an ‘umbrella’ section of the exam. Other exams are more specific about their content, while this type of exam tends to be a catch-all for both the Construction Documents & Services Exam as well as the Site Planning & Design Exam. Studying for and passing those exams first may be a good way to study for this exam if taken in quick succession.

You need to understand the fundamentals behind how a project is conceived at a contractual and planning level. Other conceptual ideas about practice and how a project should be run will often times be found in this exam. Understanding these concepts and how they may be applied is vital to your success here.


P.S. // I hope that this guide was helpful in your studies! This is the first iteration of the A.R.E. Intro Guide Series. Your feedback is critical to the future content of these guides. If you would, please comment below what you think is working, what should be adjusted, and what you'd like to see more of.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY