Intro to the A.R.E. / Schematic Design

Evolving Architect // "Intro to the A.R.E. / Schematic Design"

This Exam is all about your understanding of how to lay out a building at both the macro and micro levels.

There is NO Multiple Choice portion to this Exam Section. Huzzah!

However, that doesn’t mean that this will be a walk in the park either. You still have to follow a series of specific steps and programmatic parameters to succeed at Schematic Design.

Many people actually take this Exam Section first because it only has Vignettes. This is likely due to the fact that you only really need to understand NCARB’s computer software here. Since there is such a focus to the studying, ARE Candidates often find that it is easier to take this Section in order to ease their way into the overall Exam of 7.

Again, that doesn’t mean this Exam is easy, just easier to anticipate what you’re up against.


P.S. // I hope that this guide was helpful in your studies! This is the first iteration of the A.R.E. Intro Guide Series. Your feedback is critical to the future content of these guides. If you would, please comment below what you think is working, what should be adjusted, and what you'd like to see more of.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY