Intro to the A.R.E. / Site Planning & Design

Evolving Architect // "Intro to the A.R.E. / Site Planning & Design"

This Exam Section is all about the way a building is designed according to its relationship with the existing site.

Unlike Programming, Planning, & Practice which is heavier on issues related to zoning, history, and other abstract issues, Site Planning & Design is first and foremost about the practicalities related to a given site. Issues tested here lean towards tactile site construction methods, building orientation, soil conditions, testing, etc.

That's not to say that theoretical applications aren't tested as well, just that the emphasis here is about how to build on a site. Other tests emphasize social and governmental implications more heavily.


P.S. // I hope that this guide was helpful in your studies! This is the first iteration of the A.R.E. Intro Guide Series. Your feedback is critical to the future content of these guides. If you would, please comment below what you think is working, what should be adjusted, and what you'd like to see more of.

Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY