The Definitive Guide to an Epic Architecture Portfolio / Part 1 - Finding Your Purpose

Evolving Architect / Finding Your Purpose


This article is the first entry in a special three-part series entitled, 'The Definitive Guide to an Epic Architecture Portfolio.' These posts have been guest written for Young Architect. Each part will take you through the process of how to successfully build your portfolio from the ground up.


"Definitive Guide to an Epic Architecture Portfolio"
Part I / Finding Your Purpose
Part II / Developing Your Content Strategy
Part III / Producing Your Epic Portfolio


'Finding Your Purpose,' focuses specifically on laying the foundation, defining the reasons why you're creating the portfolio in the first place, and the initial steps you can follow to make sure your portfolio is a triumph.



A sincere thank you to Mike Riscica for allowing me the opportunity to write this guest series. Mike has been an inspiration to my career and my writing for the past couple years. I couldn't think of a better way to repay his generous outpouring of content that has moved me, made me laugh, and helped me pass the A.R.E. than to write these posts for all the fantastic Young Architects out there.


Mike LaValley, AIA, LEED AP

A native of Buffalo, NY, Mike is the registered architect, career strategist, and entrepreneur behind the blog, Evolving Architect. For the past few years, he has helped many creative professionals evolve their passion for architecture and design into successful, epic careers.


Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY