Why Consistency is Your Key to Excellence

Evolving Architect / 'Why Consistency is Your Key to Excellence'

It's easy for us to say that we'll just get better at something. But saying isn't doing, is it?

We want it to be easy, but soon realize that being very good at something takes a lot of time and effort.

Then we get frustrated. We give up. We move on.

So what if you could begin to master a skill or craft over time without even thinking about it?

What's the catch? Consistency.

You can't just cram your brain full of information and expect it to all take hold. It may work in the short term for a test, but it won't last.

Instead, what if you worked at something a little bit each day for a year? Or even several? At some point you'd wake up and be a master of your craft.


The charismatic and funny, Jerry Seinfeld built up his skills as a comedian by writing new jokes for a set period every day. He didn't just become 'Jerry' overnight. He spent years developing and refining his craft. And even though it took that time to improve his skills, when he needed to use them, he was ready.

But instead of an entire trade, let's think about something simpler for a moment that you do every day. When you wake up, your routine is probably unique to yourself, but I'd bet that you brush those pearly whites of yours.

Yes, brushing your teeth.

You probably don't even notice it anymore. It's second nature. You're an absolute pro at brushing your teeth. How did you get to be so good? Consistency.

And why wouldn't you be an all-star? Since you were a little kid, you've been brushing your teeth. You've been doing it for years and years. You know that feeling you get when you (only on occasion of course) forget?! You're probably left with a feeling that you can't shake.

The negative, disgusting feeling is your brain telling you to that your consistency is off.


At the beginning of the year, I started getting in shape. I was going to the gym about 4 times per week. In Late April though, I came down with the flu and was out of commission for a few days. That's all it took. My schedule was gone.

It's easy to let that first day go by, even easier for the second, and so on.

Soon I stopped going altogether.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle


Consistency though allowed me to enter design competitions. It let me study for weeks and months on end to pass the A.R.E. It's difficult to get back into, but easier to maintain once your in the thick of it, allowing you to do great things.

No one has it all together in the beginning. You don't become great overnight. It doesn't even matter how much you're doing each time, just that you're consistently working toward the overall goal. Keep with it and maybe you'll find yourself in Jerry's shoes one of these days.


Get a tracking app (I use Productive personally) to help you create and maintain one habit you'd like to form. To start, make it something simple that can be achieved each day.

Thanks for being awesome!


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Michael LaValley

Buffalo, NY