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Every Architect needs high-quality tools in order to maximize their effectiveness and adapt to the changing times. Below are a highly curated series of recommended resources geared toward building amazing careers in Architecture.

Be sure to check back often for updates as we add more resources!



These groups can help you develop professionally, meet talented peers, and build connections throughout the industry.


American Institute of Architects

Professional Organization

The American Institute of Architects is a membership organization that serves to protect the built environment and those who develop it.


National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Professional Organization

NCARB develops the nationally recognized programs for licensure candidates to gain experience and prove their professional knowledge through examination.


U.S. Green Building Council

Professional Organization

A group dedicated to sustainability in the design of the built environment through the LEED system of evaluation and measurement.


Construction Specifications Institute

Professional Organization

A national association dedicated to improving the communication of construction information.



If you’re studying for your Exams, these resources might be just what you need to pass with flying colors!


Young Architect

Blog / Educational Website

Founded by Architect, Michael Riscica, Young Architect helps emerging professionals pass the Architect Registration Exam through blog posts, podcasts, on-site teaching, and online courses.


ARE Coach

Online Forum

ARE Coach is an online community and forum built to help ARE Candidates pass each portion of the Architect Registration Exam. Members can submit questions and help others understand the key concepts to be successful Architects.



ARE Prep Provider

An Architect Registration Exam Prep company with several packages for sale to help ARE Candidates successfully navigate the Exam.


ARE Sketches

ARE Prep Program

Created originally as a way to help her understand key concepts for the ARE, Architect Lora Teagarden’s program uses a variety of sketches to teach these concepts to ARE Candidates.


Black Spectacles

ARE Prep Provider

Originally built to help Architects acquire software skills needed to perform well in their office positions, Black Spectacles began an ARE Prep program to extend their offerings and help build the next generation of Architects.


Hyperfine Architecture

Blog / Educational Website

Founded by Architect, Ben Norkin, Hyperfine helps emerging professionals pass the Architect Registration Exam through online courses that supplement primary study. Ben also has a Pro Course to help Architects develop their skills with Revit.



Keep up to date with all of the latest industry news, articles, and information from the best sources out there.



News Provider / Product Database

Architizer was developed as a way for Architects to share products, projects, and ideas in order to empower their ability to shape the built environment.



News Provider

Daily updates and new projects brought to you from around the globe.


The Architect’s Newspaper

News Provider

Articles and news to help you understand the issues that are affecting Architects today.


Architect Magazine

Online and Physical Magazine

A publication dedicated to the enrichment of the architectural profession through educational articles, case studies, and news.



Online and Physical Magazine

A magazine with articles dedicated to contemporary residential design.



Here are some of the best tools available to get the job done. Period.




Revit is a Building-Information Management (BIM) software designed to coordinate complex detailing and spatial configurations in building design.




AutoCAD is a drafting software designed to help Architects realize their visions.




A drafting software built to streamline the process of design from conceptual ideas through construction.




SketchUp is a 3D design software geared towards simplifying the process of design.


Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud is the gold standard for design production software of all kinds including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.